Charlie’s Famous Muttballs

I am starting up a new fresh food dog food company!

We are whipping up gourmet home cooked meals that are preservatives & GMO free & no by-products… No Nasties! We don’t eat that & why should your pups also? We cater for your totally pawsome four legged family members. HUMAN GRADE!

We know how important it is as humans to incorporate a clean diet and lifestyle with proper nutrients for our bodies to thrive. Well it’s the same for dogs. Did you know that 1 in 2 dogs dies from cancer? Yes that right cancer!! Preservative and chemicals are in so many products these days including your pets food. This is where OUR product stands out from the rest…

ALL our ingredients are sourced in BC which is important to us. Made with love in small batches with human grade meats, fresh veggies and fruits. Not only does our menu offer all natural ingredient with high quality proteins, nutrient rich vegetables, fresh herbs with vitamins and minerals, we’ve super pooched it all with fish oils, glucosamine, bone marrow, and coconut oil that will make sure your dog is supported inside and out for a happier, longer life. When you love dogs like we do you only want the best.

Each batch is conveniently pre-proportioned so there is no guess work and fresh to frozen for optimal freshness. The best part is we deliver right to your door step!!! I know too good to be true right??

We would love to offer an introductory meal plan for a week to all my friends at a discounted rate. Message me for details.

I have made dinner tonight for my pup with all these fresh ingredients and will have samples for you at daycare.