Home Boarding

Welcome to guilt-free travel!

Thanks to dog lovers across the city, Pipsqueak Pups is able to offer a loving home to small breed dogs for people who are on the go. Whether it’s a weekend trip to Whistler or a two week vacation in the Mediterranean!

After a fun-filled day of daycare, ($40 value for free) your dog will be chauffeured to one of our homes where your pet will have a warm and loving place to stay with plenty of TLC, fresh air, walks in the park and beach and then enjoy relaxing on a pillow by the fireside with his/her best friends.

Please ensure that you bring along enough food  & treats to last the entire stay.  It’s a real live doggy sleep over party!

24 hours   7 days to 14 nights   15+ nights Extended Boarding
$75 per dog   $70 per dog $65 per dog Please contact us for a special rate

Prices include a fun-filled day of daycare ($42 value – Free)

Your dog  will be in daycare all day then will stay in the comfort of a private home.
(Respectably your dog must be house trained.)
We cater to small breed dogs only.